Mobiler Messestand - Messewand - Promotionstand - Selbstleuchtendes Deckensegel - von Modulap



Possible to use as a self-luminous ceiling canvas or free-standing light contour. With orwithout textile cover up to 6 x 6m, free standing or hanging. Using the slot for acrylics, itis possible to create colored contoures, that can be equipped with a controller. Anotheroption is a 3-phases busbar that can be combined with spots, pendant fittings or socketoutlets in any position. There are lots of possibilities for booth or store constructionusing the profile with a double-sided covering and optional lighting.


The slot at the side can be sealed by using a cover-profile. Ouraccessories include base plates for free-standing contoursor lightboxes as well as mounting sets for hanging down andcovering caps for example for using as a free-hanging lightbusbar system. Optionally the lighting for the textile cover can beside-mounted LED´s or backlit ladders, in case of using the framein a free-standing alternative.